Our Mission Statement

Frank R. Laurri, MD & Associates, PC seeks to improve the health and well-being of our patients by providing compassionate high-quality care and support.

What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

A patient-centered medical home is a concept based on teamwork – teamwork between physicians and their clinical staff, primary care physicians and specialists, and clinical teams and their patients. Together, the members of your team, using evidence-based guidelines, focus on the care and services you need, including behavioral health in a manner that best suits a patient’s needs. Access – We will be ready to respond 24/7. Communication – In person, by telephone or by patient portal. Patient involvement – You are the important member of our team.

Our Part

We will get to know you, your condition, family history, risk factors and other important conditions that can influence your health and care. We will make healthcare decisions together based on what is best for you. We will coordinate your care across multiple settings. Your care team will help you understand available options and a care plan will be developed specifically for you. You will be given, at the end of every visit, a summary of your visit for that day. We will go over your medications and give you clear instructions of what is expected of you and how to achieve your treatment goals. We will follow-up with you to ensure appointments are set and goals are reached. Our goal is to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Your Part

We ask that you play an active role in your healthcare. Learn about your condition and what you can do to stay as healthy as possible. Understand how certain habits and lifestyle choices can impact your health. Participate in following the care plan we have tailor made just for you. Take your medications as directed, follow any exercise and diet goals we have set together for you. Keep your care team informed about your history and any symptoms or changes to your health. Please make sure we are aware of any care you have received outside our office. This will ensure that your care is properly coordinated so that we can help you achieve your healthcare goals.

Patient Portal

You can request prescription refills, ask for an appointment or have access to your medical record anytime through our online access patient portal. Please ask any staff member for information to sign up for this. Records release/transfers forms are available on our website or ask one of our secretaries for this information. To access the portal, just click the button below. 

Our Providers

Primary Care Physicians

Frank R. Laurri, MD, FACP

Founder and President

AnneMarie Laurri Bannister, MD

Jamal B. Zohur, MD

Giuseppina J. Kenyon Savard, DO

Suchitra Koneru, MD

Benjamin Segerson, MD

Vincent Lee, MD

Nurse Practitioners

Sean P. Hailey, RN, ANP

Julie Hitzges, DNP, FNP

Kasey Weaver, FNP

Danielle Chayban, FNP

Physician Specialists

Jerald R. Sultz, MD

Mark Falvo, MD

Vincent Vanoni, DC

Jyotsna Bhatnagar, MD

Specialty Providers

Lindsay Gillon, RDN, CDN, CDE

Kristi Dierolf, LMHC

Kristen L. Smyers, M.D.


Mia Laurri, RN

Care Coordination Manager

Jenny Gray, LPN


Frank Laurri, Jr., LPN

Jennifer Gill, RN

Megan Kuebler, LPN

Paul Benn, LPN

Joan O'Laughlin, RN

Ann Shields, LPN

Hospital-to-Home Nurse

Support Team - Administration

Tami Kaczmarek, CPC

Chief Financial Officer

Patricia Curatolo

Office Manager

Iesha B.

Administrative Assistant

Support Team - Medical Assistance

Kaitlynn L.

Kelly H.

Jennifer P.

Chelsea O.

Kerry K.

Jennifer G.

Support Team - Reception

Anne G.

Kelly H.

Tina J.

Lisa K.

Lynne S.

Darlene D.