Joan O'Laughlin, RN, Mia Laurri, RN, Theresa Schuey, RN & Renda Hamayel, RN

Our Care Coordination Team is a group of Nurses who are trained to help you to manage the care when you have complex health needs.

The Care Coordination Nurses work with your doctor to help you be successful managing chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart disease and depression.  Care Coordination is not only visit-based.  While office visits are opportunities to define goals, plan for your care needs, engage in shared decision making, and build a trusting relationship, most care coordination activities take place by phone, patient portal and mail.

Additionally, the Care Coordination Team provides you with short-term (episodic) assistance services when you have an urgent need (e.g., new diagnoses, medical crisis, death of a loved one).  They work to ensure routine and timely follow-up to emergency department, urgent care visits and hospitalizations and provide care transition planning and follow-up, including medication review and help with scheduling with specialists if needed.

If you feel that you or your loved one needs the assistance of Care Coordination please call us today.

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