Providing Your Total
Health Care Solution

Integrated Medical Services

By choosing us as your primary care providers, you're opening the door to all of the services we offer, not just your regular visits. For more information about each specialty we provide, see the individual services below. 

Primary Care

Provided by our full internal staff of physicians.


Managed by Dr. Arif S. Syed and Dr. Benjamin Rueda.

On-Site Testing

We provide X-Ray, HgA1C, Diabetic Retinal Exams, PFT, ABI and EKG.

Weight Loss Program

Managed by Katherine L. Pierce, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP


Provider: Lindsay Gillon, RDN, CDN. CDE


Providers: Chris Sauls and Michael Burns from Summit Park Pharmacy


Provider: Dr. Vincent Vanoni from Vanoni Chiropractic

Colorectal And General Surgery

Providers: Dr. Mark Falvo, and Kelly Marotta, NP

Counseling Services

Providers: Tim Deeks, LCSW, and Kristi Dierolf, LMHC

Plastic Surgeon

Provider: Jerald R. Sultz, MD


Provider: Jyotsna Bhatnagar, MD

Medical Marijuana

Provider: Dr. Frank R. Laurri, MD