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How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Author: AnneMarie Laurri Bannister, MD

Now is the time of the year when our New Year’s resolutions begin to “fade. If one of yours involved weight loss, here are some tips to keep you on track….

  1. Make a goal: Is this to make healthier choices? Do you want to lose ten pounds? Is there an upcoming event you are planning for?

  2. This helps you decide how drastic of a change you need to make

  3. Know thyself: Identify your own weak points. Some people go for the sweets, some for the salt. Do you hit the fast food after a long day when you’re too tired to cook? Is it the mid afternoon snacking, or is the bedtime binge?

  4. Once you realize where you are adding bad behaviors you can pinpoint one place to make a change. Bring a healthy emergency snack to work. Prep dinners on the weekend so you avoid the Mighty Taco run.

  5. Kick the liquid calories: The pop and iced tea are full of sugar and empty calories. The diet versions seem better but in reality are not!

  6. The substitute? Water, water, water. It’ll fill you up and help your metabolism

  7. Bump up the Veggies: Fiber is your friend. Fill up the plate with colorful fruits and veggies instead of the starches.

  8. Portion Control: You don’t have to weigh everything out in the beginning but be aware of how much you put on the plate.

  9. Avoid the extra side bag of chips!

  10. Don’t get too empty: When you’re starving you reach for the wrong things, especially during a busy day. That’s when a donut seems like the best choice

  11. Keep some healthy snacks on hand!

  12. Avoid the guilt!: This is just your starting point. Don’t feel guilty about a few cheat days. Don’t compare yourself to everyone on Social Media. Take it one day at a time!

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