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Author: Dr. Frank R. Laurri, MD

Coronavirus has finally reached the United States and has now been found in every state.

Thus far, the death rate is quite low but does seem to be affecting the elderly, particularly those with chronic medical problems, particularly chronic lung disease.

This population needs to take particular care of themselves and be more cautious and quicker to call your physician if you develop a respiratory illness.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The symptoms of Coronavirus infection are generally fever, cough, fatigue and muscle pains. These symptoms are very common and typical of most viral infections.

So when should you call your doctor?

When should you seek medical care other than home remedies and rest? First off if you do have mild respiratory symptoms such as sore throat, stuffy nose, dry cough, you should stay home and rest, self managing with remedies including fluids and rest.

Most of the symptoms of Coronavirus infection  are also very vague but have the potential to become more serious and become progressively worse.

You should call your physician if you have a cough and fever and have been around someone with Coronavirus-within 6 feet of them, or if you were at an event where someone was found later to have Coronavirus. If you develop difficulty breathing you should be seen in an emergency room because you will likely need testing.

Staying healthy during this time means doing the same healthy things you should do during any flu season: stay away from crowds, wash your hands when you get home from being out, avoid people who are sick with respiratory symptoms , and get plenty of rest. We are here to help you and treat you if you become sick.

Don’t forget, we are all in this together.


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