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Whole Health Spotlight: Mobile Mammograms Available in Niagara Falls

As a practice, our entire team’s focus is not just on one area or aspect of your health, but rather on keeping you healthy in all aspects of your mind and body. This includes treating health conditions as they arise, but also taking preventative and preemptive measures to catch conditions at early stages and ensure the long-term health of our patients.  To help support that goal, we’re taking steps to fight back against breast cancer by providing several opportunities for mammogram screenings at our office.

We are hosting the Mobile Mammogram Van again 3 more times in the coming months, and we highly encourage you to get tested, spread the word, and help us fight breast cancer one mammogram at a time. The dates for testing availability are as follows:

2020 Windsong Mammo Van dates

  1. 1/29 Wednesday

  2. 2/24 Monday

  3. 3/31 Tuesday

  4. 4/28 Tuesday

  5. 5/25 Monday

  6. 6/26 Friday

  7. 7/30 Thursday

  8. 8/26 Wednesday

  9. 9/28 Monday

  10. 10/30 Friday

  11. 11/24 Tuesday

  12. 12/29 Tuesday

To schedule your mammogram, please call 716-205-0170.

Together, we can improve access to screenings in our community and make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.


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